So, when does the next book come out?



As I have said several times – writing my workbook was easy compared to the publishing process. Writing the book was discipline. Three or four days a week for several months and being committed to research, proper referencing and just bloody write!

I could mange 3-4 hours each day and then had to do something else though. I am a teacher/trainer rather than writer. Writing except when exploring poetry and visual imagery is just hard yakka. I was taught how to write by one of my bosses in the Queensland public service – none of that flowery stuff for missives to the departmental head, senior executives or worse still the one page briefing for the Minister requiring specific fonts, headings and structure. Arguments with the Nazi boys in the correspondence unit for whom such things were of world peace importance. Ah dear I don’t miss those calls at all.

None the less I did learn to tighten up the writing! So when I came to put what was in my head – not all of it of course – on to paper I was organised, it had an overall structure and flow to it and actually writing it then was relatively easy. Just required I turn up, turn on the computer and using my notes and structure, write. Though one of the distractions was starting to edit before I had finished writing – that was a real diversion and quite pointless given editing was needed from a different perspective – that is as a reader. Live and learn.

When people ask me, ‘so, when does the next book come out?’ I usually laugh somewhat hysterically and try not to swear. They, poor innocents, do not realise the powder keg they are setting flame to. Writing is work but publishing, even self-publishing, is very, very, very frustrating. The publisher, who I might say I am paying to do this, has publishing standards and set formats that I must fit my book into. How did that happen? My book – their standards?

Oh well I am contemplating publishing something else – the Good Goddess protect me!

My Heal Your Life Workbook arose out of my own long journey to understand how I was who I was. Why I felt anxious and depressed and sometime couldn’t cope with the world and others’ expectations of me. I wasn’t of course at all consciously seeking, but being drawn to courses at the Relaxation Centre in Queensland, to wandering the shelves of book stores, and collecting resources that offered practical tools for unpacking myself.

As a trainer and sometimes counsellor in the workplace I was in a position to learn, and that became my life journey. I am now not who I was then, but more who I truly am. Those bits of my history and childhood that have impacted me are now mostly cleared out of my being. All from using the tools outlined in my workbook – I am a result of that inner work.

As is my preference I am now offering workshops and individual counselling using these tools as well as Reiki Seminars and treatments. I do love to teach and to see people grow and integrate their learning in their own ways. It is moving, enriching and profoundly satisfying work and I feel privileged to be part of each person’s journey and honoured by their trust.


Heal Your Life Workbook

Heal Your Life Workbook by Sharon Whitewood



Sharon Whitewood Sharon Whitewood

Sharon holds a Bachelor of Arts – Community Studies, a Masters in Human Services specialising in Rehabilitation Counselling (Vocational). She is also a Reiki Master.

She has been a corporate trainer, HR consultant, workplace and private counsellor.

She moved from Brisbane 3 years ago to Nana Glen with two dogs and all her worldly goods – a full truck load of stuff, including mosaic material, acrylic painting gear and books! Sharon now spends time painting visionary artworks and is getting ready to publish these as a set of contemplation cards and posters.

She is currently teaching in Vocational education a Diploma of Counselling at Coffs Harbour and bringing lots of tools and processes to stimulate students.

You can find out more about Sharon and her book, Heal Your Life, at Heal Your Life Resources & Training.


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