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Participating in Kylie’s Introduction to Journal Writing course was like a breath of fresh air for me. Going in a little nervous, I came out a convert! This course was exciting, enjoyable and made me think about journal writing in a completely different light. It really is for anyone, beginners or more advanced writers. Kylie challenges your brain and makes you more aware of what’s going on around you both personally, physically and emotionally leaving you with a refreshed view on life and its many mysteries.

Thanks Kylie for opening me up to the world of Journal Writing!

~ Alana Chambers – A Hungry Couple

Alana Chambers

I’ve enjoyed thinking about Kylie Castor & the more I thought, the more I enjoyed it…

I first met Kylie through our mutual involvement with the Bellingen Readers & Writers Festival 2015 where Kylie was to take on the lead communications management role – a challenging, demanding, unpaid community service in which Kylie excelled and contributed significantly to the success of the 2015 Festival.

But there was more to this beautiful, intriguing and talented woman …beyond her communications skills & professionalism, was a generosity of spirit, thoughtfulness and integrity.

Kylie invited me to her pilot Journal Writing course – a 2 x 3-4 hour program which reawakened my love of journaling – the journey & joy of self-discovery and awareness of the magical beauty of simple, everyday experiences.

Kylie’s facilitation opened a doorway to a greater appreciation of synchronistic experiences and awareness beyond simply playing with words – yet that’s what it was – a playful, fun, entertaining and enriching experience.

~ Colleen O’Brien

Colleen O’Brien

I found the journal writing workshop a fabulous experience and Kylie a wonderful facilitator. I was really looking forward to gathering lots of information but who would have guessed that I would find a new and very expressive voice? How pleasing to speak with like-minded people and what a wonderful boost to the confidence to be given tools to enrich the writing experience. Bring on more workshops Kylie, I love what you are doing!!

~ Clare O’Loughlin, Mosaic Artist

Clare O’Loughlin

Was wonderful attending Kylie Castor’s workshop on journal writing; the cosy setting, small group and content was just right. I have been an intermittent journal writer my whole life, but her techniques and suggestions re-invigorated this practice for me and gave me a fresh approach to inspire me forward. Here’s to the another 30 (or more!) years of journal writing.

~ Michelle Yang – Her Own Tune

Michelle Yang

Thanks for putting on your workshops. They were everything I needed and more to progress. I’m really pleased with changing my routine and journal writing in the morning. It’s working well for me and helping me to be inspired and organised in more areas of life than just writing. There’s definitely magic in journal writing as you move out of fear into a place of creation. Thanks Kylie for your guidance.

~ Susan Jenvey, Writer

Susan Jenvey

Thanks so much Kylie. I just wanted to drop you a line to say that I have already recommitted to writing my morning pages every morning, and am getting up an hour earlier to do so. If you knew me, you would know what a huge achievement this is for me already!

~ Ros Ward, Writer

Ros Ward

I’m pleased to recommend Kylie’s work as Publicity Manager at the Bellingen Readers and Writers Festival. Kylie is positive, friendly, prompt and enthusiastic; thanks in large part for her work, the 2015 BRWF was just about the most successful year in our five-year history.

~ Brian Purcell – The Bellingen Readers & Writers Festival

Brian Purcell