Colleen O’Brien

I’ve enjoyed thinking about Kylie Castor & the more I thought, the more I enjoyed it…

I first met Kylie through our mutual involvement with the Bellingen Readers & Writers Festival 2015 where Kylie was to take on the lead communications management role – a challenging, demanding, unpaid community service in which Kylie excelled and contributed significantly to the success of the 2015 Festival.

But there was more to this beautiful, intriguing and talented woman …beyond her communications skills & professionalism, was a generosity of spirit, thoughtfulness and integrity.

Kylie invited me to her pilot Journal Writing course – a 2 x 3-4 hour program which reawakened my love of journaling – the journey & joy of self-discovery and awareness of the magical beauty of simple, everyday experiences.

Kylie’s facilitation opened a doorway to a greater appreciation of synchronistic experiences and awareness beyond simply playing with words – yet that’s what it was – a playful, fun, entertaining and enriching experience.

~ Colleen O’Brien