Finding Inner Peace with Meditation & Journal Writing

Meditation & Journaling August


Would you like to:

  • quieten your mind
  • have more clarity and focus
  • find a safe place where you can face your fears and release them

Regular meditation helps clear the mind of old thoughts and old emotions, and creates space for manifesting new thoughts and fresh ideas. Regular journal writing can have the same effect. When combined these two modalities can be extremely powerful.

Join Katie Gasson from Under a Pink Sky and Kylie Castor from The Triple Sifted Word Refinery for a beautiful morning of meditation and journaling. Katie will guide you through a relaxing, cleansing meditation in which you will release any old unhelpful energy. Kylie will then take you on an inner journey using the amazing modality of journal writing. Learn how to listen to your own inner guidance and allow your innate wisdom to express itself through pen and paper.

Finding Inner Peace with Meditation & Journal Writing

Saturday, 4th June 2016
9am – 12pm
Under A Pink Sky
25 Nash Street

* Special Introductory Price – $75 – includes morning tea *

Bookings essential

Contact: Kylie Castor – 0468 494 046